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We Have A Podcast!

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

It is my first episode of The Real Deal with Sarah Riley… Me… But it is not my first rodeo folks. I have hosted other Radio shows and podcasts in the Real Estate and Mortgage arena, because that is my wheel house, I run a mortgage business...we will get more into that later. As my previous show evolved I had a segment called The Sarah Skinny where I would share what was on my mind, could be something I read, or material I was currently coaching to my team, or just my most recent Parent fail but it was always real and it was something that spoke to me. And I guess you too. That is where this show evolved from now the whole show is the Sarah Skinny! Where I talk about what is on my mind in my heart and fills my soul.

This is a weekly show where I interview industry leaders, charities, entrepreneurs, Cinderella story’s, and other inspiring and amazing people. There is also a series with my husband Randy called Rando’s Right… he is not right. Well I guess you can tune in and be the judge of that. Randy and I agree on all the big foundational, major things in a relationship we are on the same page. However when it comes to the day to day we argue about EVERYTHING.. or at least it seems like it. I don’t know if Randy just finds Joy in choosing the opposition of me or what but he loves to disagree with me.. and I bet he would say the same thing about me. For instance if I say man it is such a beautiful day with blue skies Randy would go “actually Sarah if you checked the weather report recently it is forecasted to be cloudy today and I can see the clouds rolling in over the ridge there”.

We are not perfect and our marriage is not perfect by any means but it is real and we are going to talk about all of the struggles of two working parents with demanding careers and raising three Girls. How we survive and how we thrive. The good bad and ugly nothing is off limits.

I debated with myself on how much to share about me, my story. But holding back just isn’t in my nature. I believe that by sharing your whole heart your true self you break down barriers open hearts and pull people close. So like it or not you are going to get all of me no less. I don’t think you can relate to or be inspired by someone unless you know the whole story. Not just how I arrived here. Here is not the end of my journey but I am pretty damn proud of where I am now. That alone is hard to say, but I have had some practice now. I don’t ever want to be bragging or perceived to be bragging. To me bragging is something ugly. But Bragging is very different from Sharing your accomplishments. Celebrating wins which I am still working on. To me bragging is tell someone about what you have to make them feel small or inadequate. You are bragging to feel bigger than someone. Sharing what you have earned through blood, sweat, and tears so that it can be celebrated just as you would celebrate someone else’s accomplishments is not the same as bragging. That is not the true definition but It should be.. feel free to steal that Webster.

It is just as important to share the road traveled as it is the destination. How I got started in this industry and how I busted my butt to get where I am now is important to know. That way you can appreciate and respect the accomplishments I have earned and hopefully my voice will have more weight.


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