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Mom Guilt Is Like Lice…

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

The Riley Gilrs

Mom Guilt — oh the mom guilt is it this evil thing that gets into your heart and mind and is so hard to get rid of. Like lice… It is gross! You have to like cleanse yourself all your things just to kill them off, sometimes even cut your hair — change yourself to get rid of it. Yeah, that is like Mom Guilt. I have shed plenty of tears over mom guilt, some in the parking lot of my kids school because of something some not so kind or gracious fellow mom said to me to make me feel inadequate as a mother and I let it sink in. Well, no more! Rebuke those thoughts. I remember the major turning point that I let go of my mom guilt. Not to say I haven’t had some slip ups and let it sneak in but for the most part I allow myself to be free of the judgement other people are putting on me. If you are judging me that is your problem.

I was at Crossfit working out with Randy and my girls were watching me and cheering for me. Someone walked over to me and said how cute it was. I thought you know what it is awesome, I am actively setting an example to my girls you can be a great mom and also have a career and throw around some weights. You don’t have to be the 1st mom to sign up for the Valentine's Day party or even go to the Valentine's Day party. That is not what makes you a great mom. It just means you have more time during the day than I do. Hey I am not judging you, we all are choosing our best lives so what’s to say your version of life has to be mine.

I don’t have time for people that pass judgement on how I live or how I parent. The other day I heard someone making a joke about a parent that had a leash on their kid in the store. I was like, are you kidding me, If I could keep a leash on Dylan it would sure save me a lot of time and stress of searching for her under every clothes rack. But she is 3 and at this point I would have to put her in a strait jacket to keep her from taking it off and I am pretty sure that would be widely frowned apron. The point is worry about your own kids, Janis. I bet you that the mom with her kid on the leash didn’t have to run through target like a crazy person screaming her kids name… and I bet they all made it home safely. No one is getting kid napped on a leash.

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