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Are you working with a lender to ensure your home loan will help make an impact in underserved communities?

If two loans are almost identical, but the profits from one went to

shareholders, while the profits from the other went to benefiting

communities, what would you choose?

You now have that choice!

Introducing: Movement Mortgage Impact Lending

What is Impact Lending?  Impact Lending is when a lending company commits a significant percentage of their profits to helping the neighborhoods they serve, they are an Impact Lender. 

At The Riley Home Team we partner with Movement Mortgage an Impact Lender.  We’re committed to offering mortgages that mean more.

Did you know that Movement Mortgage created a FREE public charter school network servicing marginalized communities?  We chose to partner with Movement Mortgage because they have invested in:

  • 4 schools serving 1100+ scholars

  • 8 more opening soon

  • And a commitment to build 100 schools over the next 10 years!

  • 147 Hope Centers the give communities a safe space for education and healthcare

  • $1.4 Million of employee giving was matched by the Movement Foundation in 2022

  • And more

By giving you the choice to have profits distributed to do good, we can all create deeper more valuable connections, lifting up business and neighborhoods alike. 

Vist our website at: The Riley Home Team to learn more about how you can make in impact!

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