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Sarah Nicole Riley

Mom. Wife.
Team Leader.

Coach. Innovator.

I exponentially grew my lending business, and now I’m committed to helping others do the same.

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My heart is as big as my laugh and my drive is only matched by my determination. Family is everything to me and I love them something FIERCE, but I also love my job and being a Boss! All you ever get is all of me, no less. I don’t filter my life because the way to build true relationships is by inviting people in and hoping they do the same.

Get to know me...

6. My Favorite Book is: 





7. My Favorite word is:

8. I am most grateful for:


9. What will you find me wearing most often:
     a.  Lulu Wonder Under Pants
     b. High Wasted Pencil Skirt
     c. Oversized Comfy Sweater
     d. A Fancy Necklace ( Bling goes with everything)
10. When I need to get my mind right you can find me:
     a. Going for a walk
     b. Organizing anything and       

     c.  Throwing around some weights
     d. Jamming out to one of my Play

         lists (when in doubt dance it out)

The first Self-improvement book I ever read was at 17 years old - The Greatest Sales Man by OG Mandino


That I am a Child of God and he told me to let my light shine.

1. The best title I have is:

     a. Senior Loan Officer

     b. Mom (the greatest honor of my life)

     c. Podcaster

     d. Mrs. Riley

     e. Branch Manager AKA Boss Lady

     f. Party Starter


2. Most Likely to binge watch:

     a. Billions

     b. Fuller House

     c. Blue Bloods

     d. Last Kingdom
         (Man, I love me some Vikings)



3. On my days off, the thing I love to do most is:


4. Some day I want to:



5. My drink of choice is:

     a. Wine

       (my heart is always longing for the antioxidants)

     b. Coffee

     c. Coconut La Croix

     d. Dirty Martini

Get Outside with my Family!

Be on the Today Show





moxie & momentum


Business Systems & Marketing Tools To Sustainably Grow Your Real Estate & Mortgage Business

With a collective experience spanning over three decades, Sarah Riley and Adri Robins stand as more than mere experts in mortgage and marketing—they are industry leaders committed to fostering success. By leveraging their extensive knowledge, proven systems, and cutting-edge tools, they empower professionals to build sustainable, thriving, and profitable enterprises. Whether seasoned veterans or newcomers, clients benefit from their guidance and resources, propelling their businesses forward. The Moxie & Momentum Syndicate unlocks the secrets to long-term growth and prosperity in the competitive realms of real estate and mortgage, offering a beacon of guidance for those looking to excel.


Check Out The Syndicate 


It Takes Leaders With Vision To Help People With Dreams

My Coaching Philosophy

I am building a business that gives me the ability to live the life I want. How I do that is through systems and marketing. Although there is definitely a need to grind it out some days that is not what I want to do day in and day out of my life. I believe that every lead is gold and treat it as such. By having a system of follow-up and tracking you then have increased conversion rates and need fewer leads for the same amount of business. When you combine marketing, branding, and a social presence you now have created an output that gives you more freedom and greater reach. This is exactly what I teach on how to have both a business and life by design.


Personal Volume

2019- 52 Million | 2020- 75 Million 

2021- 81 Million | 2022- 51 Million

Team Structure

Riley Home Team —
Front End LOA
Back End LOA
Marketing Coordinator
2 Junior LOA's (That Close Their Own Volume)
Branch —
3 Additional Loan Officers
1 LOA Contract to Close

Skills & Strengths

Brand Building


Systems & Tracking

Content Creation

The Riley Home Team’s mission is to develop and maintain long-term client relationships built on trust, honesty, and integrity. Our team is here to deliver excellent Customer service before, during, and after their mortgage transaction is complete, resulting in Clients for Life.

Thanks for joining!

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