My heart is as big as my laugh and my drive is only matched by my determination. Family is everything to me and I love them something FIERCE, but I also love my job and being a Boss! All you ever get is all of me, no less. I don’t filter my life because the way to build true relationships is by inviting people in and hoping they do the same.

Get to know me..

1. The best title I have is:

     a. Senior Loan Officer

     b. Mom (the greatest honor of my life)

     c. Podcaster

     d. Mrs. Riley

     e. Branch Manager AKA Boss Lady

     f. Party Starter


2. Most Likely to binge watch:

     a. Billions

     b. Fuller House

     c. Blue Bloods

     d. Last Kingdom
         (Man, I love me some Vikings)



3. On my days off, the thing I love to do most is:




4. Some day I want to:




5. My drink of choice is:

     a. Wine

       (my heart is always longing for the antioxidants)

     b. Coffee

     c. Coconut La Croix

     d. Dirty Martini

Get Outside with my Family!

Be on the Today Show

6. My Favorite Book is: 








7. My Favorite word is:


8. I am most grateful for:




9. What will you find me wearing most often:
     a.  Lulu Wonder Under Pants
     b. High Wasted Pencil Skirt
     c. Oversized Comfy Sweater
     d. A Fancy Necklace ( Bling goes with everything)
10. When I need to get my mind right you can find me:
     a. Going for a walk
     b. Organizing anything and       

     c.  Throwing around some weights
     d. Jamming out to one of my Play

         lists (when in doubt dance it out)

The first Self-improvement book I ever read was at 17 years old - The Greatest Sales Man by OG Mandino


That I am a Child of God and he told me to let my light shine.




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The Real Deal is the show where we keep it real on business and real estate, parenting, marriage, health…all the things, nothing is taboo. Running a successful business with a husband who also has a demanding career, all while keeping 3 kids and 1 dog alive, can get messy! We are sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly with you. Listen in to be inspired, fired up to tackle your goals, or just entertained. This is Real talk, Real life, The Real Deal.

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